The Four Fs

Let's get clear, that's not fighting, fleeing, feeding or f****ing but food, fun, film and found.

That said, for food in Nairobi, a posh shack with great rustic tables and modern grub, correctly named J's fresh bar and kitchen, will have you noshing up cocktails of house, jazz-funk and soul.  Heave in on a Friday.

Which makes that fun too, as well as squashing into something that makes you look good when you are sweating and spinning.  Wouldn't that be why you would Salsa at the Oval's Ocean Basket, no sea in sight, on a Friday?  Live band that used to play at Onami in Westgate, makes it almost theatre.  

Found a bare necessity for those who don't flare up on nuts.  Almond butter, good for cholesterol, bones and for all of us aging gracefully.  You warm up the almonds, skin and all in the oven, then put them in a food processor and whizz them for a good 15 mins, with a pinch of salt.  Bottle in a sterilized jar.  There are recipes out there for granola bars that use nut butter that I'm going to report back on.

Squashiest of all was film this week.  Gone girl, precisely.  Lengthy, with weak characters you want to slap out of their stupor and unpromising at the end, even predictable Depending on how well versed you are with the thriller genre.